Welcome aboard!

Blue Turtle Trawler My name is Kim and my boyfriend, Randy, and I are live-aboards in southwest Florida. Two years ago, we purchased a 40′ trawler and moved aboard. It's been an amazing journey so far and we can't wait to see what the future holds. So stay tuned and see what it’s like to live aboard. We still have a lot to learn about cruising and living aboard and I intend to post everything here. Hope you enjoy!

10 November 2014

Welcoming home Great Loopers, Island Time

This past Wednesday, I got to join other family and friends at the Cape Coral Yacht Club and welcome my parents home from their Great Loop journey. They left on March 1st of this year and traveled over 5,000 miles by water on their 38′ trawler, Island Time. They arrived at the yacht club around […]

01 November 2014

Great Loopers headed to Fort Myers Beach!

As some of you may know, my parents are about a week away from completing their Great Loop journey aboard their 38′ Marine Trader, Island Time. The Great Loop is the circumnavigation of Eastern North America, a continuous waterway connecting inland lakes and rivers with the Atlantic Intracoastal Waterway and the Great Lakes. For many […]

12 October 2014

Pirates invade Fort Myers Beach

This weekend, we attended the 9th annual Fort Myers Beach Pirate Festival, a weekend-long celebration of everything about being a pirate. Everyone was decked out in their pirate-y best  and plundered the beach to attend events, booths, contests, hear live music and more. Thankfully, our friend Mary Kay happened to pick us up a couple of […]

09 October 2014

Blue Turtle koozies have arrived!

So, it’s been really slow here in the marina and we haven’t left the dock since our big Keys trip. Randy is currently catching up on some boat projects and we’re hoping to get off the dock very soon! What have we been up to? Life, in general. Corey is back to his school/homework routine […]

07 September 2014

Dinghy trip to Mound Key

With the dinghy already in the water from yesterdays trip to New Pass, we decided to go out again today. Johnny and April tried to find Mound Key a couple weeks ago with no luck, so Randy decided we would go there and show them where it is. Randy and Corey have been to Mound […]


06 September 2014

Hunkering down for the hot months

With our big trip to the Keys and Dry Tortugas being over Randy and I decided it was time to “hunker down” for August and September and stay land-locked. Staying land-locked will help us pay off some credit card debt after we had a few unexpected repairs in the Keys. While it’s pretty much hot […]


06 September 2014

Weekend surf trip at Cocoa Beach

All has been quiet on Blue Turtle since we returned from our Dry Tortugas and Keys trip. So, what have we been up to for the month of August? Well, mostly getting back into the work and school routine. Weekends continue to be mostly aquatic, either going to the beach or the marina pool. My […]

11 August 2014

Post Tortugas/Keys trip wrap up

So tomorrow it’s back to the grind—the routine, the work, the clients.  I worked some last week, but was out some due to us breaking down in Naples and retrieving the car.  I just watched this video and soooo wanted to be back there (Dry Tortugas). Don’t get me wrong, I love my work and clients […]

10 August 2014

Heading home: Flamingo to Fort Myers Beach

It was time to head toward home the day after Mini Lobster Season began and we headed toward Flamingo, Florida. Flamingo is the southernmost headquarters of Everglades National Park and home to world-class fishing. Randy had been here before years ago on a fishing trip and learned of the anchorage. We decided we would stop […]

04 August 2014

Mini lobster season, Content Keys

After our weekend diving at Looe Key, we headed back to Marathon Marina for a couple days to fill the water tanks, take on some fuel and provision for our trip home.  We planned to head west from Marathon, on the Gulf side, toward Content Keys for sport lobster season, also known as mini season. Mini […]